Monday, July 30, 2012


I went to wake Stryker up for school today and this is what I find....

I love these two boys with all my heart! However, Daddy has started something I hope he can break our little man of....

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sullivan's Island with the Family

There's nothing like a day at the beach with the family! Aunt Lorie, Peyton, Maddison, Nana & Poppa were all in town and we hit Sullivan's Island with our friends, The Grants and The Singers. It was oh so much fun for the cousins! The weather was great, minus the hurricane force winds though. But, it kept the heat from melting us and for that we are thankful! The kids stayed in the water most of the time, splashing and swimming their hearts out!

My little fish

KK loving the water


Aunt Lorie & Maddison (Maddison's first time in the ocean!)

Poppa & the boys

Nana & Poppa

Peyton spitting... LOL! Fun pic!

Well, after splashing in the tidal pool for a while, Peyton could not be fooled and was ready to hit the real thing - The Ocean! Everyone but Maddison and me walked over to the ocean to jump the waves for a bit. Maddison & her Auntie Crazy had a photo shoot instead!

What a beautiful neice I have!

Maddy & Her Auntie Crazy

I hate that this one won't turn around b/c this is the greatest look from her!

Our photo shoot ended abruptly due to the wind dragging our umbrella down the beach :(
I'm just glad no one was injured during the chaos. Lucky for us, the Singers had a tent for Baby Ethan to relax in and so Maddison got to join a little one her age for the afternoon in the shade. I'm sure they caught up on all kinds of baby talk while they watched their older siblings play in the sand and water!


We stayed until about 3:30 and decided to call it a day. We were all tired, wind burnt and even a little sun burnt. Stryker stayed awake all the way until we reached Goose Creek city limits then snoozed for about 10 mins. We arrived home to check Daddy's house renovations progress and Stryker was awake and ready to play!

We had a great family day at the beach and wish there were more opportunities to play on the beach with our cousins and grandparents! Hurry back now!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Weekend Down!

Another weekend passed us.... WHEW! They fly by these days! We started the weekend off right with our traditional "Dunkin Donuts Friday Treat!" Stryker loves to order his Chocolate with Sprinkles donut and I love to start the morning off with a French Vanilla Latte!

At school with his Friday treat

Friday night we enjoyed an Adult's Night Out with some of our very good friends while Stryker kept Grandma on her toes! It's always nice to have a date night (or double night, in this case) with Dan and friends!

Saturday we helped The Alexander's move (which took the entire day!) and Stryker was a good sport about it. He helped where he could and loved to be right near the big boys watching them carry the heavy stuff or put together the beds. We found him tuckered out downstairs on their couch mid-afternoon. Guess he was tired from all the moving too! We joined Mike, Tiffany & Miss McKinley for dinner at La Hacienda later on that evening. Stryker enjoyed taking pictures of McKinley from across the table while she snacked. She'd give him a smile or two and would laugh at his silliness! He's so good with babies!

After dinner, we headed back to their new place for a few cold beers on their patio overlooking the golf course. We were all so tired from the move, we decided to retreat back to our own patio for the remainder of the evening. We put Stryker to bed and Dan played on his Mac while I read on my Fire.

We kept tradition alive once again this weekend and got up early Sunday for our running and then hit the beach! We invited Stryker's BFF, Jarrett, with us so the boys could play. The day started off a bit overcast, but before the long the sun was shining and the kiddos were having a blast!

Building sand castles


Stryker hard at work

TEAM work gets the job done!

Silly boy

Stryker & Jarrett, BFF

We played on the beach for four hours then packed up to head home. Stryker was starting meltdown mode, so it's a good thing we did. We weren't in the car 10 minutes and both the boys were dead asleep in the backseat. SUCCESS!

That evening, after a quick nap and a yummy dinner, Dan decided to start our living room & foyer renovations. He started moving all the furniture and I snapped a couple before pics (popcorn ceilings, not-so-white-anymore carpet, khaki walls, white small trim):

Sunday, 8 pm

With all the moving, Stryker & I decided it would be best to stay out of Daddy's way. We headed outside to play & be silly!

After a bath and a story, Stryker went to bed and I wasn't far behind him. I left Dan scrapping ceilings in the bare living room. I was excited to see what the next day would bring!

Hard work!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Silly Faces

Nothing is more fun for Stryker right now than the IPhone camera and video recorder. He loves taking pictures of himself in the front facing camera over and over. He LOVES taking video of himself as well like that. He makes up the cutest songs! Since I don't have the videos uploaded, I'll share some silly faces from the other night. We had lots of fun! Man, I'm super stoked now that Daddy got me this awesome phone for Mother's Day - it provides lots of entertainment!

Not so silly, just sweet


Vampire Mommy

Vampire Stryker

Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a great weekend! There was NOTHING planned (I know! Hard to believe!) and we took advantage of lots of family time!

Friday, I decided to work from home rather than the office (I LOVE my job!). I checked a few emails and before I got started on my day, treated my boys to a little Waffle House breakfast. Stryker's new favorite things for breakfast include cheese eggs and waffles! We headed back home and Dan packed Stryker up for the waterpark so I could tackle my work. Unfortunately, they were back with in 20 minutes because of rain. Stryker wasn't happy but we cuddled for a little rainy afternoon nap and lots of movies.

Friday morning; letting Moe out

Friday night we headed over to the Bridges of Summerville community pool to help Owen celebrate his SEVENTH birthday! It's crazy for me to think it's been SEVEN years since that little guy was born! I remember the day so well! Stryker played in the pool with all the other kids for three hours, enjoyed some pizza and cupcakes and when it was time to leave, he was WHIPPED. Grandma was nice enough to watch him for a couple hours while Mommy & Daddy met some friends out.  I'm sure it didn't take our little man long to fall asleep after his night!

Since we had nothing planned for Saturday, Daddy pulled out the tools and went to work fixing my car and Stryker and I tackled the house cleaning and laundry. I'm so lucky to have this little helper who's favorite chore is vacuuming!

Later in the afternoon, Stryker and I made a trip out to drop some stuff at Goodwill and stop by Big Lots for some more organizing tools (I'm a freak!). Of course, upon entering the store he wanted to know what he got.... I think we may have created a monster :(  Thankfully, there was a big sale and the thing he wanted was pretty cheap. He picked out a kid's putter and chipper set complete with balls and tees. He was very excited to go home and show me his skills. We hit the backyard (aka putting green) while Daddy fired up the grill and made us a yummy dinner!

Showing off his putter

We spent the most relaxing evening on the patio enjoying our family time. We were pet sitting for the neighbors and Stryker & Moe played all evening. Stryker enjoyed throwing the ball for Moe over and over to retrieve. Finally, Moe was tired and Dan's lap looked like a better plan :)

Stryker went back to practicing his golf game. 

As it grew darker, we lit some citronella candles and enjoyed some music. Stryker got my Kindle Fire and Daddy read him stories at dusk. So cute!

Sunday we were all rested and ready to hit the beach with Christie & Shawn. We went out to Sullivan's Island and enjoyed a beautiful day in the sand and water. Stryker, Daddy & Mr Shawn played Bocci ball; Stryker made some new friends and played with them; We soaked up lots of sun! I did NOT, however, take any pictures. BOO! There will be plenty more trips to the beach, so I'll have to make up for it. After a few hours on the beach, we came home and took showers. I know he's gonna kill me for this one day, but I just couldn't help it! Look at that cuteness! I had just asked him if he was ready to get out and his response: "I'm not done Mom. I'll call you when I'm ready." How is he so grown?!?!

Later that evening we all cuddled on the couch for a little Big Brother 14. I love that my boys will watch that with me!

We had such a great relaxing, family weekend! They don't happen often because we're usually running around doing 150,000 things. Just a reminder to stop and hug your spouse and kiddos that much tighter.... They grow too fast!

Mommy & Stryker hands

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Logan's 4th Birthday

It's turning out to be a very busy birthday week for us! Tonight we headed to the bowling alley in Oakbrook to have some birthday fun with our cousin Logan. Today he turned FOUR YEARS OLD! We were out of town for his real birthday party, so we treated him to some bowling fun and pizza! We all had a blast!

We set the boys up on their very own lane with their ball roller and bumpers. It was Logan's first time bowling, but it didn't take him long to get the hang of it!

Stryker has been bowling several times (the very first time being Christmas break 2010!) lately, so he knew exactly what to do and refused any help. YES SIR! You go right ahead Big Guy!

Dan, Melissa and I enjoyed a couple grown up games on our lane.
Side note: The three of us used to bowl on the same team together in a league...FIVE YEARS AGO! We were in the middle of our bowling season when Melissa found out she was pregnant with Logan! Crazy how time flies!
After a couple games for us (I was doing PRETTY badly!) and a couple games for the boys (they lost interest as you can imagine....), it was time for pizza and presents!

Happy Birthday Birthday Logan!!

Stryker checking out Logan's presents

Logan, Micah & Stryker enjoying some pizza!

 The Bowling Boys!

Happy 4th Birthday Logan! It's so hard to believe it's been four years as I can remember your Mom announcing her pregnancy and I can remember the day you were born so vividly! I hope this next year turns out to be as much fun and adventurous like the last!