Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

What kid do you know that doesn't love Halloween & dress up? Throw in a school party and a neighborhood bash and you have a good time! We were so excited to share this year's Halloween festivities with a bunch of great friends!

Stryker's class had another great classroom party. All the kiddos dressed up, sang some well rehearsed songs and got to eat tasty treats!

Two Superheros: Elijah aka Batman and Stryker aka Spiderman

Our little webslinger!

Ready for their performance

Such a handsome Buggy!

BFFs: Stryker & Jarrett as Spidermen

After getting good and hyper on Halloween treats at school, we headed home to have the 2nd Annual Hearthstone Halloween Weenie Roast! For the last couple years (and hopefully lots of years to come!), The Reeds, The Favero's and us have gotten the kiddos together for a pre-trick or treat weenie roast and s'mores! After it gets dark, the ladies take the kiddos trick or treating and the men hold down the fort (aka The Favero's driveway) and hand out candy. This year we welcomed The Honour's and The Grants to help us celebrate!

Cutie Cousins!

With Uncle Bubba

Daddy & a tired Stryker

My child refusing to take a pic with me :(

Ain't no party like a Hearthstone Party!

Time for Trick or Treating! (Thanks to Miss Savannah, Stryker wasn't scared at the first house)

Dan's Pumpkin

The Host!

James & Dan

Dan's Annual Pumpkin Burning

We had such a fun time, as we do every year! Looking forward to our next Halloween together!