Sunday, May 12, 2013

Celebrate Good Times, C'mon!

What a most wonderful weekend we had!

On Friday, Stryker's school treated us Mom's to Muffins with Mom. I enjoyed having breakfast with my little man!

That evening, May 10th, Dan & I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. Since Nana & Poppa were in town for Mothers' Day, they offered to take our little man so we could have a night out on the town. Dan was so special and got us a room at the Market Pavilion on East Bay Street Downtown Charleston.... fancy schmancy! We enjoyed the rooftop for a bit then went to shower and change before heading out to dinner. For Christmas, Jimmy and Lorie had given us a gift certificate to 82 Queen. We decided this was a perfect night to use it and try out the restaurant. We got downstairs and hailed a bike taxi to take us over the few blocks to Queen Street. 82 Queen was marvelous! We had quite the feast: bacon wrapped crab stuffed shrimp, she crab soup, duck, steak... YUM! It was all delicious and I would highly recommend it to anyone! Being historic Charleston, the restaurant is actually an old house and it is quite beautiful. They had a nice back patio for sitting and eating as well.

After our meal, we bike taxied back over to Market Street for a little desert at Kaminsky's. We were playing tourists in our own town as we did cool things like bike taxi and enjoy coffee & desert on the Market! The HUGE brownie and latte were so amazing! After our sweet treats, we headed out for some dancing. It was quite nice to have some alone time with my number one :) Date nights are always so special.

On Saturday we celebrated Christi's Mother's Day by going to a River Dog's game. It was a beautiful evening for some baseball. We live in such a gorgeous city!

Stryker enjoyed having Nana & Poppa out to a ball game with us. We had hot dogs, cokes, peanuts, cotton candy... Lots of fun! At the end of the game, Stryker got to run out on the field to run the bases with all the other kiddos. He had a blast!

And speaking of peanuts... This is Tony the Peanut Man. He's quite the staple in Charleston Baseball. Check him out here... Tony The Peanut Man

We rounded off Mother's Day weekend with church and a nice brunch at Madra Rua. 

Anniversary, Mother's Day... Memorable times for sure!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Tale of Two Bikes

Stryker received a great bike for his birthday back in October. We thought it may be a tad small, but it was a good starter bike. He learned how to pedal and balance on his training wheels quickly. He rode it every so often (I mean, he has a Power Wheels & Scooter too!). Since the weather has warmed up though, the bike comes out daily! Especially when all the other children around the neigborhood are riding.

He likes to take bike rides outside of the neighborhood with me to ride on the trails. It's pretty exciting for him. Our usual trek is 1.54 miles! He keeps up pretty good too and only requires a few rest stops! On a ride not to long ago, I noticed his bike was a wee bit smaller than usual, Exhibit A. It seems our little man is sprouting by inches these days.

Exhibit A
I mentioned this to Daddy and he struck a deal with Stryker: If he was good at school and at home  until Daddy got home, he'd get a new bike! We used the term GOOD loosely in this case. How GOOD can a child really be for 2.5 weeks?!?!? Stryker mananged to stay out of any real trouble and finally Daddy returned home! Not long after that, Stryker owned a new bike!
The FIRST (yes, one of TWO new bikes he received with in two days...) bike he spotted at Aunt Tiffany & Uncle Mike's house. It was Owen's old bike (in MINT condition no less) that was in their garage sale pile. He was asked if he'd like to have it and his response: "I LOVE IT SO MUCH!"
LOL! Such a cute kid! We loaded it up and took it home. The next day after his t-ball game, Daddy and Stryker went and bought training wheels and a couple accessories for it. Daddy got it all set and Stryker helped pump up the tires.

Once it was ready, he climbed on and started to ride...

Unfortunately, the training wheels didn't exactly fit this bike and made it so the back wheel didn't touch the ground. This proved unridable (is that a word?) and dangerous because Stryker couldn't balace well. So it was back to the store! This time, Stryker left with a whole new assembled bicycle that he picked out himself (with the help of Daddy). This one fit him perfectly and he didn't waste any time hopping on and taking off!

We have gone on several bike rides over the last week. Stryker now has no problems making it on our 1.5 mile ride! He loves his new bike! And the best part is, we have another one waiting once he grows a tad bit more (and at this rate, it won't be long!)!