Monday, June 10, 2013

A Weekend at Short Stay

With Daddy home, we joined our friends at Short Stay in Moncks Corner for a long weekend. The Cortes, The Grammers and many of our other friends all camped out for Uncle Alex's birthday. Stryker's best joy of that weekend was... Fishing!

He loved just casting his line and reeling it back in... over and over. He was quite content being a fisherman and kept Daddy on his toes asking to fish constantly. 

{Fishing outside of the villa}

{Daddy & Stryker fisherman}

{So handsome doing his thing}

{Cool picture thanks to Aunt Karly}

Sunday morning was a lot of the same. Stryker waited patiently as Daddy got ready and across the way they went for more fishing.

{Like father, Like son}

When they got back, we had breakfast (bowls of cereal) on the front porch of our log cabin and enjoyed the views and the wildlife. These little ones waddled right up to us looking for some food. The female had a broken leg :(  They sat out front with us and we fed them what we had. I love that ducks mate for life... what a sweet pair!

Later in the day, we hopped on the boat and spent the day with Alex, Karly, Faith, Chris, Toni, Rilee and Avery having fun in the sun. We all had a great time catching up and chatting together. After a day on the lake, we enjoyed a dinner cookout at their campsite before relaxing by a campfire and calling it a night.

 {The futures: Avery & Stryker}

We had a wonderful 3 day getaway camping weekend with some of the besets friends! We celebrated Uncle Alex, laughed, talked, ate... It was great fun!

{A beautiful sunset over the lake}

Friday, June 7, 2013

June Swim Lessons

This year we started off our summer with swim lessons through Goose Creek Recreation department. We met with our swim instructors 4x a week for two weeks at the city pool in the Hamlets of Crowfield. There were about 10 students to two certified life guard instructors. Unfortunately, the majority of the time Stryker was watching & waiting for his turn. Luckily, Stryker's classmate and friend Jamison was in our session too and they kept each other company while they waited.

As I fully expected, Stryker jumped right in feet first and wasn't afraid to put his face in the water, jump off the side or go under to swim.

{Practicing his kicking with the kick board and a little assistance}

{Jumping off the side at the end of the day}

I was very proud of our little man and his swimming abilities. I was glad he wasn't afraid of the water, but was also relieved of him learning water safety. I feel sure for the next couple of summers we'll start with a little refresher course and swim lessons.