Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween started this year with another annual tradition of Pumpkin Decorating. I was slack this year though and did the carving of the pumpkin and not so much picture taking (insert sad face). The Cortes' opened their home again this year and we had a good time carving and painting our masterpieces! After we were happy with our creations, we even enjoyed some S'mores!

My pumpkin: Went for a Spiderman face and didn't exactly hit the mark....

Stryker, Faith & Rilee 2013 with their pumpkins

On Halloween afternoon, Stryker's class had their Halloween party. The Red 3's had been rehearsing their "THRILLER" dance for a few weeks now and it was the cutest thing! All the kiddos got to dress up before the party and everyone was all decked out in their costumes to show the parents. Ms Gail (aka Cruella de Vil) led our little zombies in their performance.

I like to call this collage: " A face in the crowd"... I wasn't sporting my best photog skills on this particular afternoon so we'll just pretend this is like Where's Waldo and you can make a game of spotting our Stryker :)

No good class party is complete without super yummy snacks! Our cute teachers came up with some really great Pintrest ideas for party foods! Aren't they just precious!

And of course Kelly & I can't leave any class party without snapping pictures of our little BFFs! Popeye & Zombie Batman are growing so fast :(  These yearly pictures are treasured so much!

 After our fair share of sugar and bidding our classmates goodbye, we headed home to get ready for the 3rd Annual Hearthstone Halloween Weenie Roast! We just LOVE LOVE LOVE this neighborhood tradition! The Reeds, The Faveros, The Grants & The Gehlken's have been enjoying this fun each year and we keep growing! This year, The Cortes family, The Hearne's and the Brandon Family joined us for hot dogs, s'mores and some trick or treating around the Ole Circle.

The first group shot of the night

Pirate Ethan (his 1st Halloween!), Chris & Courtney & Popeye Jarrett

Kendall & Stryker being sweet, Our littlest Gamecock Tanner (his 1st Halloween too!), Kendall & Mommy and Turner the Mobster

About to head out for the loot!

As per standard procedures, the women folk herded our little group of Trick or Treaters around the neighbor for massive amounts of packaged sugar and good fun! The men manned the driveway to hand out our candies to the other visitors that night. And, of course, it wouldn't be an annual Hearthstone Halloween Party without the burning of the pumpkins!

And just for fun... The cutest little Halloween socks! (PS Don't you just love the Lowcountry! It's the end of October and we're still in shorts!)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

2012 Fair Trip

The Fair! One of my most favorite times of the year! The sights, the sounds, the rides, THE EATING! Yes, I go for the food. Stryker goes for the rides :)

This year, we ended Stryker's birthday weekend with a trip to the fair on Sunday with Nana & Poppa! We had! Once again, Mr Man wasn't exactly tall enough to ride the 'bigger' kiddie rides, but he didn't mind one bit as long as he was on something! He went through and rode all the rides once, we stopped to eat and walk around the exhibits and then he was back to riding again.

I'm not sure why/how children just LOVE the rides that go around & around & around...
These are Stryker's favorites though! Cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks... He did them all! And multiple times!


Besides walking through the animal exhibit, MY most favorite, absolutley HAVE to have thing at the fair...


And I did NOT disappoint this year. I not only had one helping, but TWO helpings of these oh so perfectly cooked and delicious french fries! YUM-O! We spent all afternoon riding, eating, playing and people watching. It was such a great afternoon with Mom & Mark! They actually stayed for the comedy show that was happening that evening while the three of us headed home. And to no one's surprise, not 5 minutes in the car (I don't thnk we had even made it out the lot!) this cutie pants was out like light!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

West Farm Fun!

It's that time of year again! Nothing gets in the fall spirit like a trip to West Farm! We've had so much fun over the last few years going to the farm and once even tackling the maze! This year, Lindsey & Kendall joined us for some fun! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Stryker & Kendall play together and am so glad we can share all these fun experiences with them! Making some of the best traditions every year!
We started with a some big bouncy ball action. Stryker loves these things!


This year they added a HUGE sand play area complete with tractor tires! These proved perfect for climbing, sliding and jumping! Stryker & Kendall really enjoyed this new play area... we came back repeatedly during our visit.

Goodness... that is PURE sweetness right there!

Next stop: The animals! What visit to a farm is complete without cheking out our farm friends? These guys loved the animals and I loved capturing their sweet faces and enjoyment!

MY most favorite part of West Farm is the hay ride! We waited patiently for our turn and climbed on board! )PS: Aren't these just the most handsome guys? I'm one lucky woman! ) A quick trip around the corn maze and the farm and our hay ride was complete!

All that riding sure makes you hungry for ice cream! We indulged in a delicious treat. Stryker picked a SpongeBob ice cream.

After a rest while enjoying our dessert, Daddy wanted to try the apple sling! He looked like a pro :)
Stryker also wanted to give a try... Don't worry little Buddy! Next year you'll be right on target!

The excitement didn't end there... We headed over to the pumpkin area for some decorating! Stryker was on a mission to find the perfect one. And he DID! Proud boy :)
He then took his time and decorated very nicely uniquely (is that a word?!?)! We will display it on the porch for a few weeks.

Before heading out, we stopped back by the sand play area for more fun!

Thanks Aunt Lindsey & Kendall for a great afternoon of fall fun! Can't wait until next year!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Poppa's Birthday 2012

It just so happened that while we were in Aiken for the Border Bash, it was also Poppa's birthday! Talk about good timing... saving some miles! On Poppa's ACTUAL birthday we were at Border Bash. The next day, Saturday, the family gathered at their house for a cook out and birthday celebration. The Honours (sans James of course), Granny, The Gehlkens, Katie & Logan and Mom & Mark. We had good food, good playtime, good cake & presents.. Much like last year!
Unlike last year, Little Miss is here with us! What a beautiful girl and another piece of my heart! I just love my neice!

The boys did some playing together inside before heading out to the sand box (aka sand pile). 


And Mommy did some reading to our little princess

 Poor Peyton has some awful allergies when it comes to pet dander. He had a time this visit! We watched him closely and dosed him with Benadryl. Luckily, the swelling finally settled down.

I can't wait to buy you all kinds of girly thinks sweet Maddison!Including make up!

After all the eating and playing, it was time for cake! Guess who was right on top of things and helping Nana... YEP! Pey & Stryker

That's a lot of candles Nana!

Are we ready yet?

We sang happy birthday to Poppa and the boys dug in! Nothing like ice cream cake to get the sugar levels and energy up!


After cake, the boys helped Poppa open his presents.

Peyton was ready to open presents and helped with this big box

Poppa & his boys

Poppa & all his grandbabies!
(Look at those precious faces!!)

We hope you had a fun birthday weekend with us Poppa! Happy Birthday and to many, many more!