Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mod Podge of Cuteness!

Just a super cute post of a photo dump! I love these pictures! 
Monday Morning Cuteness!
17 September

Rocking his Tats!
18 September

Just doing some crafts with the boys!
18 September

Making a card for his Uncle Bubba!
18 September

Sportin a new hair cut!
19 September
Simply True Love!
20 September

Incredible Hulk Obsessed!
21 September

Saturday Morning Crafts for Mammy's Birthday!
22 September

A lazy Sunday on the couch with cookies and cuddles!
23 September

Backyard Baseball
24 September

Showing me how to stretch before my run!
25 September

 Quite possibly the worst hide & seek player ever!
25 September

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Weekend of Birthday Celebrations!

This past weekend we celebrated THREE birthdays! We had a very busy weekend ahead of us!

Before the festivites could begin, Saturday morning we had a little craft project to complete. While I could breakfast, Stryker went to making his beautiful master piece for Mammy.

This child LOVES to paint... Heck he loves to craft anything actually. It was the highlight of his morning to be able to make the plain ole pot pretty!

After painting, breakfast and getting ready, we were all set to start Birthday Party Day!

Our first stop was Palmetto Islands County Park in Mt Pleasant. Derrick is turning 4 soon and we helped him celebrate at the Big Toy playground! It was a perfect day- not too hot or cool, bright and sunny. Stryker LOVED running around with Derrick and his party guests and also loved checking out all the cool stuff to play on!


We had to leave a little early to make it back to Goose Creek for McKinley's FIRST birthday. I didn't snap any pictures of that party, but I can assure you that it was good time! And the little Princess enjoyed the party and the attention!

 Sunday, Grandma, Stryker, Dan & I loaded up to hit Lowe's for a flower for the pot Stryker made Mammy. He picked out a beautiful flower and we were on our way to deliver. We had a nice afternoon chatting with Mammy & Joe and catching up. And she LOVED Stryker's handmade gift!

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Girls Night Wine & Design

Tonight was a little Mommy's Night Out with some great girlfriends! We had previously (like 3 months ago!!!) each bought a Groupon for Wine & Design: "Where you bring your own bottle of wine (or beverage of choice) and enjoy an unforgettable evening filled with friends, fun
and fabulous art! You supply your cocktails, and we’ll supply the rest. At WINE AND DESIGN, all you have to do is sign up, show up, sip up! Your canvas, paints, paintbrushes, and corkscrew will be waiting as a local artist helps you create that night’s featured painting. You go home with new friends, great memories, and a newly-created masterpiece that shows off your “inner artist." No experience in painting? NO problem, our local artists will guide you step-by-step! Our paintings are suitable for the first-time painter or for more experienced artists." (how's that for a great explanation off their website :) )
Anyway, Toni, Christie, Karly, Lindsey & I were excited to unleash some creativity on canvases! We all agreed to do the painting "Palmetto State of Mind". We got there early for a good seat ( in front of the instructor) and were ready for some fun! I'll have to admit that my ADD kicks in faster than I'd like, because after about an hour, I'm DONE. Not to mention my artistic skills are LACKING. It's always fun to be with my greatest gals though and always better when there's some wine involved.
Here's how my painting progressed:
There's a horizon...

A little ocean action...

Look! A Palmetto Tree trunk & some grass

Yeah...that's supposed to be a Palmetto Tree

Toni & Christie working hard

Lindsey's got it under control!

Karly is our resident Artistic Extraordinaire!


I've add some more foliage and a bird

A special touch from Karly to send to our special solider

Ta-DA! All finished!

Mine & Karly's.... She's so talented!
While the class ended up running a little bit later than usual, we all had a great time! Can't wait to try this again with you ladies!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Family Fun Day

Daddy surprised us with a little outing this afternoon at Frankie's Fun Park with some great putt putt fun! Stryker sure loves to play golf! I think a set of 'his size' clubs may be in his future...
The weather was hotter than we expected being early fall, so we were thinking we'd only get through about 9 holes versus the 18 hole course. But, Stryker LOVED it and his attention to the game didn't cease. We made it all the way!


Although not eager to take lessons from Mommy & Daddy, this guy was determined to do it himself, and he succeeded most of the time! He truly is our little All Star!

Mommy & Daddy battled it out too... Daddy ended up winning (I figured I should throw that to him since I beat him on the cruise :) )

We stopped for a rest in the cave for some shade and a quick cool down. This guy is so handsome!!

Thanks Daddy for treating us to a super fun time on the putt putt course! Can't wait to do it again!