Tuesday, June 26, 2012

For the Second Time

Stryker visited the dentist today. It was his second visit EVER. He did extremely well again. We absolutely love going into Dr Brent's office b/c it's such a cool place!
 He didn’t mind the hygienist cleaning or counting, brushing or flossing. He picked out a toothbrush, put on his shades and leaned back in the chair. He loves to brush his teeth at home and lately his favorite is swishing and spitting. We haven’t attempted flossing at home (BAD MOMMY!) and I’m glad he did well with it in the office.
It was a quick cleaning and then Dr Brent came over to check him out. Stryker was tickled with the “ABC Song” counting his teeth. Although Dr Brent went ahead and warned us to start saving our money now for orthodontics (Mommy’s genes!), everything else looked good!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday Treats

If Daddy & Stryker can have Water Park Thursdays together, Mommy and Stryker will have Friday Treats together!

Every Friday Morning is Dunkin Donuts day for me & my boy!

He really enjoys his Sprinkle Donut...

And I really enjoy my Latte!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nice Outfit!

This is just amazing! Stryker LOVES these hand-me-down Iron Man rain boots.. and he loves to wear them even if it's 100 degrees and sunny :) Pair these with an awesome cam bathing suit and boy you have the perfect Publix shopping outfit!

I LOVE my little man and his 3.5 year old fashion sense!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Day at the Beach

There's nothing to beat the heat like a day at the beach! Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the heat wasn't so bad this particular day and our little fish ended up with some purple lips and teeth that chattered! However, the weather was perfect for catching rays without catching a heat stroke! We headed out to Station 29 on Sullivan’s Island as a family for some fun in the sun. This station has an ideal tidal pool that is perfect for Stryker at low tide. He was thoroughly enjoying himself!

Daddy bought a Bocci Ball set the day before and Stryker LOVED playing it with his Daddy on the beach. He may have found himself a new sport b/c he loves to play at the house too! This little guy is sure to be our star athlete growing up!

(What a great pic Instagram!)

Cassie & Robert soon joined us on the beach and brought their paddle boards out too! Needless to say, Stryker was intrigued! He wanted to “surf” right away. He thought he could paddle it himself and was too cute trying.

Luckily, Robert didn’t mind taking him for a ride at all! He enjoyed being the captain and Robert doing all the hard work (especially when they had to turn around and paddle AGAINST the current and wind!).
Soon the afternoon was wearing on and the energy wearing out of our little man. We packed up all of our stuff and headed to the car. I won Mom of the Year that day b/c I totally forgot to bring clean clothes for Stryker to change into. I undressed my little Love, got him all dry (as well as tried to get the majority of the sand off him!) and slipped MY bathing suit cover up over his naked little body. Quite a fashion statement to say the least! But it didn’t take long (approx 2 blocks actually) and he was out from all the beach fun!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Charleston Battery Soccer

We started off Father's Day weekend by heading to Blackbaud Stadium, home of the Charleston Battery Soccer team. It was our first game ever and we were excited to see big soccer in person!
We met our friends, The Grammer Family, before the game and headed to the Three Lions Pub for complimentary dinner beforehand. Ali Baba's (http://alibabacharleston.com/) catered an amazing greek feast that included chicken kebobs, Fattosh Salad, Lebanese Style Potato Salad, Hummus & Tzatziki with Pita chips and endded with some sweet treats for dessert! These two little cuties enjoyed hanging out together for dinner & the game!

(Avery & Stryker, 3 years)

After our bellies were full and our beer mugs filled, we headed down to find our seats and watch the game. The Battery Stadium is really nice and it was a perfect night to watch soccer. Karly, Alex & Tanner joined us soon after the game started. We all had a great time!

My Battery Boys

Tanner's First Soccer Game

Avery, Rilee, Stryker enjoying the game

And the Battery pulled out a win against the Antigua Barracudas, 3-0. We can't wait to go back!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Weekend in Aiken

This past weekend we headed up to Aiken after work to stay with Nana & Poppa. Mom hosted a Bridal Shower on Saturday for Katie and Granny, Lorie and I all pitched in. I left work early and picked up Stryker from school & Granny from her house before hitting the road. We arrived in Aiken just a bit before Mom got home. Stryker immediately went to playing the Wii as that’s his favorite thing to do at his grandparent’s house. We decided to hit Hobby Lobby (my FAVORITE!) before meeting Mark for dinner. We picked up a few last minute things for the shower and headed over to Golden Corral (my FAVORITE again!). Stryker was a very good boy and ate all his dinner so got treated with a Spiderman tattoo by the face painter that was in the restaurant. He was super excited about it and I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of it. L  We headed home for baths and crafts and chocolate milk….
What a cute milk mustache!

This is Max. He dislikes Stryker GREATLY.

It’s such a great dislike that it’s almost funny. God forbid they accidently meet in the hallway; they both jump 4 ft in the air with a chorus of hissing and screams. Funny… I’m telling you. Stryker tries hard each time we visit Aiken to get close to Max. He really wants to be the cat’s friend. He finds Max’s toys and tries to coax him from under the bed…always to no avail. One day, maybe these two can just be friends.

Luckily, Old Sally Girl doesn’t mind Stryker too much. She’s very tolerable of the kids even in her old age. We love Sally Anne!

Anyway… Saturday afternoon was the shower. Aunt Lorie, Peyton and Maddison drove up for the afternoon. Poppa entertained the boys with slip and slide fun and sand toys while us ladies hosted Katie, her family and friends for her shower. It was a great afternoon and the bride to be stocked up on lots of good gifts! I was in charge of the d├ęcor… Here are few things I made for decorations that doubled as gifts.

That night, we were all worn out! We had a cook out with Katie & Logan and then an early night in. Nana, Stryker and I played Candy Land.

Although it only last a few minutes because our “bad sport” son decided he wasn’t winning and didn’t want to play anymore. NOTE TO SELF: Work on that! Not to worry though, b/c the next morning he beat Poppa, Nana AND Granny in Wii Bowling….

That he was excited about J

We had a lazy Sunday morning as the rain fell for most of the day. Finally there was a break and we decided we’d better make a break for it as well. We loaded up and got back on the road to home. Although we missed Daddy, it was a fun weekend away with my family and my boy.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Boat Day

We loaded up the boat and headed to the harbor today! What fun! Stryker loves being on the boat, but NOT going fast. That tends to be a lonnngggg ride from Duncan’s to the harbor, so he just had to hold on tight and let Daddy keep him safe. When it was time to go through the no wake zone, Stryker climbed up on the bow with me and enjoyed the ride!
My handsome love!

He is also Daddy’s First Mate!

We pulled up near Fort Sumter so the boys could fish. The tide was headed out and we just made camp for a few hours and let the water leave us high and dry. We had nothing better to do then spend the day in the sun! Stryker thought it was neat to watch the tide roll out and the water line to be getting further & further. We played in the water (aka MUD!) and waited for the tide to come back in again. He showed us where the fish were:
And how handsome he is!

Family pic!

What a great day! We had so much fun on the boat together! I can’t wait to go out again!

Saturday Fun Day

What a fun packed day it was! Being a working Mom, Saturdays sometime feel like more of a work day than a relaxing day! We must fit in all kinds of activities, fun and being with friends and family into these weekends making them seem VERY short. Woe is the life of a busy family!

First up today was Stryker’s Gymboree in James Island. He takes gymnastics class every Thursday in school and this was the year end show. He got to show us (along with all the other parents of the children from his class) all the things they had learned! Tumbling, bar work and trampoline stunts. These kiddos were great! Looks like they had lots of fun with Mr. Charlie all year!

On the way to Gymboree

At the end of the show, Mr. Charlie presented everyone with their trophies!

Gotta love these little BFFs!

 The Whole Class!

Since we were in James Island, we decided to head over to the Splash Zone at James Island County Park for awhile. Dan bought Stryker a Splash Pass this summer and what better way to get lots of use out of it then a family day at the water park! Splash Zone is geared more toward the smaller children, so Stryker had a blast!


After a little fun in the sun, we headed back home for a nap and for dinner. Our friends Josh & Kelly along with Stryker’s BFF Jarrett came over to hang out with us. We are both houses divided and enjoyed watching the Clemson vs Carolina Baseball game that night.

Couch Divided! Poor boys!
Exciting game but the Tigers just couldn't pull it out!

It was a fun but exhausting day!