Sunday, April 22, 2012

Annual Family Pictures!

Once again, we emplored the spectacular talents of Ms. Kayce Smoak ( to capture our ever growing family! She does such a great job and her ability to capture these crazy boys' smiles is outstanding!

Stryker Evan & Peyton Michael, 3 years old

The Gehlken Family 2012
Miss Maddison was born in January! The expanding Honour Family:

Stryker is a HAM! I love his beautiful big blue eyes and his smile that is so captivating! He's so handsome!

These two will be married for a year in just a couple short months! They will be celebrating by throwing a beautiful wedding ceremony gathered by family & friends! Welcome to the family Katie!
Logan & Katie Stowell, 2012

Mom & Mark love their family so much! What a special Mom, Dad and even better, Grandparents!
Christi & Mark, 2012

The girls and the guys!

Mother & Children: LOVE this picture of my mother & brother!

Mommy's Boy!!

I certainly couldn't live my days without the two most special boys in my life! They are my world and my heart!

We managed to get it together for a couple great group shots too!

There's nothing more important than family to me! I love all these people so much! We are truly blessed to be so close and to share so much love!