Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hilton Head Mini-Vacation

Daddy came home in July and was insistent on having a family getaway at the beach. He found us a good resort in Hilton Head so he booked it and treated us to a wonderful 4 day mini-vacation! We had a lot of family fun. 

We arrived at Sonesta Resort and got all checked in. Right from the start, Stryker scored lots of goodies from the bellman and the hotel staff. 

We ventured upstairs to check out our King Suite (thanks for the upgrade!) and to have our luggage delivered. Daddy & I were super hungry so we went back downstairs to find some dinner. The resort had a couple dining options and we settled on their restaurant... very upscale and very good eats! After dinner, Stryker wanted to do some swimming so we hit the pool. He's quite the fish these days and will stay in the water for as long as we let him! Daddy & I enjoyed lounging and watching him expend his energy!

The pool was a lot of fun, but at sunset we headed down to the beach. We were NOT disappointed in the beautiful ocean, sand and sunset. How gorgeous! 

Stryker dipped his toes, ran around in the sand, found some sand dollars and tried building a sand castle. 

He & Daddy even had a game of tag on the beach.

Soon it was drawing close to 9 and it was time to head back upstairs to get ready for bed. Our little man wasn't hungry at dinner but of course after swimming and running around, his appetite was in full effect. Daddy ordered him some room service for the first time. He thought that was neat-o!

With a full tummy, he snuggled up & watched some Big Brother with Mommy and was soon fast asleep!

On Friday we slept in, ordered in breakfast and spent a relaxing day by the pool and on the beach. Nothing beats spending the day with your two favorite boys in the sun having fun!

And nothing beats a nap after all that fun... It was so nice to enjoy a good afternoon snooze with my loves. After resting up, we decided to head off the resort to find some dinner. We came across a little steak and seafood restaurant and decided to give it a try. Needless to say, we were not disappointed! 

They boys started a game of corn hole after dinner at the restaurant, but a sudden downpour ended that as quickly as it started. So, back to the resort we went. Stryker insisted that Daddy take his fishing pole and find a spot for some fishing. Daddy headed over to a pond on the grounds and cast the line a few times. Before we knew it, he had actually caught something! Unfortunately, there is no fishing in these resort ponds! HA! We took a quick picture and threw it back. Stryker was thoroughly impressed with his Daddy's skills though!

We did some more relaxing on the deck by the pool for the evening. They were showing Monsters Inc by the pool and Stryker liked that. 

Saturday was pretty much a repeat of Friday... Beach, pool, naps... relaxing! 

That evening though, Stryker headed to the resort kid camp while Mommy & Daddy had a date night dinner. We rode around Hilton Head and ended up going to Wild Wing Cafe! HA! Regardless of where, it was nice to have dinner & drinks with my Love.

Soon it was time to head back and pick up Stryker. He had lots of fun... Swimming, dinner, t-shirt making, playing... Seemed our date night was fun for him as well! We headed to the hotel lobby bar area and relaxed with some desserts. Apparently the staff delivered a special cake to our room for someones birthday. It was delish! We had fun being silly and people watching. 

We had to head back home on Sunday. We checked out and had some breakfast at a local breakfast joint. We stopped by the outlets to walk around for a few and Daddy took us on the scenic route home. It was quite the getaway and we all had a great time!

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