Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Monstrous Fifth!

Today we headed up to Lexington to celebrate our most FAVORITE nephew's fifth birthday! Peyton Michael will be a WHOLE HAND tomorrow! So hard to believe since I can remember him just being a wee lad... My how time flies!

Peyton hosted a Monster University themed party. Aunt Lorie did another great job decorating and of course making a most fabulous cake!

(Yep, she has so much talent!)

We started off the party with a little coloring. All the kiddos gathered around to color their MU coloring sheet.

After everyone got done coloring, we headed outside for a little "Pin the Eye on the Monster". Everyone had a turn to be blindfolded and give it their best shot. Mr Brannon was the closest and won! Next, Aunt Lorie had each of the children sit on their coloring sheets and pretend they were 'doors' (you know, as in the Monsters Inc movie). We then played a little Musical Doors. The Birthday Boy himself won that game! It was a lot of fun and everyone got into it! 

Uncle Bubba was busy grilling up some dogs while the kiddos played. We soon headed in for some lunch and fellowship. Even the smallest of babes were having a great time!

After everyone had a full belly, it was time for presents! Peyton got a lot of great stuff and lots of Monsters Inc gifts. He was thoroughly excited with all the presents. Soon it was time for everyone to say goodbyes. We stuck around for a bit for some family time. We chatted, played and Miss Maddie showed us some of her dance moves. I just love this little face so much!

And no family gathering isn't complete without a cousin photo shoot. One of these days they'll all be smiling, my camera will be perfect and everyone will stand still... yeah right... we can only dream! :) Either way, they are a cute trio!

We hit the road to return home shortly after. Wouldn't you know Stryker fell fast asleep on the ride home? He was a party pooped little one. And after dropping Granny off, he was wide awake. This is our party animal on a Saturday night when Mom's ready for bed:

(We're going through a no shirt phase)

Such a handsome fellow! Luckily I was able to wrangle him to bed at a decent hour :)

Happy Birthday to our dearest nephew Peyton! We love you buddy and hope you had a fun party day!

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